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Original Dymo D1 Standard Tape 45021, S0720610, 12mm x 7m, White on Black

D1 Standard
Developed by DYMO to meet virtually all your labelling needs in an office, workshop or retail environment. These tapes will ensure long-lasting, high-quality labelling.

Brand: Dymo

Product type: Dymo Tape Cartridge
Part No: S0720530
Colour: Black
Tape Width: 12mm
Adhesive: Permanent
Also known as: S0720610

EAN: 5411313450218

Rating: Rating: 10
  • Brand:
  • Code: 45021, S0720610
  • Weight: 0.050 Kgs
Price excl. tax: 34.99лв.
Price inc. tax: 41.99лв.

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Designed to stick to almost all clean, flat surfaces, to lightly textured surfaces, perfect for awkward curved surfaces and also heavily textured surfaces - Compatible with the LabelPOINT and LabelMANAGER range 

  • Permanent - difficult to remove
  • Resists UV exposure
  • Water-resistant and most weak solvents
  • Withstands temperatures from -18 to 90 degrees Celsius

The following 25 devices are compatible with the Dymo D1 45013 Tape Black on White 12mm S0720530:

    Dymo LabelManager 100
    Dymo LabelManager 120P
    Dymo LabelManager 150
    Dymo LabelManager 160
    Dymo LabelManager 160P
    Dymo LabelManager 200
    Dymo LabelManager 210D
    Dymo LabelManager 220P
    Dymo LabelManager 260P

    Dymo LabelManager 300
    Dymo LabelManager 350
    Dymo LabelManager 350D
    Dymo LabelManager 360D
    Dymo LabelManager 400
    Dymo LabelManager 420P
    Dymo LabelManager 450
    Dymo LabelManager PC
    Dymo LabelManager PC2

    Dymo LabelManager PnP
    Dymo LabelPoint 100
    Dymo LabelPoint 150
    Dymo LabelPoint 200
    Dymo LabelPoint 250
    Dymo LabelPoint 300
    Dymo LabelPoint 350


Product Overview


Dymo White on Black 1000/5000 D1 Standard Tape 12mm x 7m S0720610

With white text on a black background, this Dymo D1 Standard Tape is ideal for a range of uses. Made from strong polyester, the tape features a strong self-adhesive backing that's suitable for almost all surfaces. Slot the cassette into your label maker and get labelling your stationery, equipment, files, folders and more. This tape cartridge is compatible with Dymo LabelManager models. The tape is 12mm wide and comes supplied on a 7 metre roll.

  • D1 labelling tape with white text on black background
  • Designed for D1-compatible label makers
  • Made from general purpose polyester
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy attachment
  • For use with Dymo LabelManager
  • Supplied on a 7m roll
  • Width: 12mm


Dymo D1: 45021
Dymo S: S0720160
Dymo EAN: 5411313450218
Brand: DYMO
Material: Plastic
Print Method: Thermal transfer printing
Compatible with: Dymo LabelWriter DUO
Dymo LabelManager
Dymo Rhino
Dymo printer: LabelPoint
DYMO - Labels size: 12mm x 7m
DYMO Print color: White
DYMO - Ribbon colour: Black

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