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Софтуер за дизайн на етикети BarTender Starter 2021, 12 месеца, лиценз за 3 принтерa

https://easylabelbg.com/category/519/bartender-professional.htmlСофтуер за дизайн на етикети BarTender Starter 2021

За бързо и лесно да създаване и печат на етикети

  • Интуитивен - лесен за използване и лесен за научаване
  • Лесен за работа интерфейс - лесни инструменти за дизайн на етикети
  • Импортиране на данни от Excel или CSV файлове
  • Печат на серийни номера/сериализация
  • Избор на повече от 105 1D и 2D вида баркодове - базирани на над дузина стандарти

Seagull BarTender 2021 Starter, application license, 1 printer

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Цена с ДДС: 1,445.00лв.

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BarTender Software - 2021 Starter Edition (Application License)

With over 30 years of experience, BarTender Software is trusted by organizations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency, and compliance by optimizing their labeling, marking, and printing processes. BarTender's Starter Edition is a fully integrated software package designed for small businesses and departments, and small batch or high mix, low volume manufacturing applications. This edition offers a simple, straightforward way to generate labels that include dynamic data sourced from Excel or CSV files.

NOTE: BarTender 2021 is sold as a base application license plus the desired number of printer licenses. This version supports a maximum of 3 printers. Contact us today for more information.

Data Sheet — BarTender Software - 2021 Starter Edition (Application License)


Why buy this software?

The BarTender Starter Edition is ideally suited for businesses and departments that need to quickly and easily generate labels including support for dynamic variable data from a database including Excel and CSV files.



  • One year or three years of standard maintenance and support coverage - depending on selection above.
  • Simple label creation and printing for small businesses.
  • Easy label design and printing.
  • Label data populated from Excel or CSV files.
  • Basic serialization - increment or decrement numbers by 1.
  • Simple implementation for Amazon Transparency.
  • Industry-leading barcode support.
  • Enable multiple users to printer from any networked PC.
  • Create commercial-quality labels in-house.
  • Support for up to three printers.

NOTE: BarTender 2021 Starter Edition does NOT support RFID encoding. If you need a version that supports RFID encoding, visit BarTender Software - 2021 Professional EditionBarTender Software - 2021 Automation Edition, or BarTender Software 2021 Enterprise Edition.

What's New?

BarTender 2021 is the new, future-facing version of BarTender's comprehensive software for labeling. BarTender 2021 includes enhancements that improve the entire labeling lifecycle. The latest release provides businesses with increased label quality, native integration with existing business systems like ERP and WMS systems, and improved reliability. This software features powerful new capabilities for today’s complex business needs:

  • Create and print more commercial-quality designs.
  • Accelerate label design and production with increased label QA.
  • Securely review and approve workflow from any web browser on any device anywhere, anytime.
  • Integrate more tightly and with more flexibility to existing and new business systems.
  • Improved productivity for new and existing markets globally.
  • Print from any browser on any device to more printers anywhere, anytime.
  • Minimize downtime and enable business continuity with advanced, always on high availability options.