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Логистични термодиректни етикети, 100mm x 150mm (4" x 6"), 900 бр., шпула Ø76mm


  • Употреба: Mногофункционални
  • Термодиректни етикети
  • Материал: 75g/m2 Термодиректна хартия, Thermal Eco
  • Размер: 100mm x 150mm
  • Цвят етикет: Бял
  • Цвят надпис: Черен
  • Шпула: Ø76mm (3")
  • Брой етикети в ролка: 900
  • Лепило: Перманентно
  • Външен диаметър на ролката: 95mm

Форматът на етикета отговаря на изискванията наDHL Hermes UPS DPD GLS FedEx 

Оценка: Оценка: 10
Цена без ДДС: 29.90лв.
Цена с ДДС: 35.88лв.

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Проектирани за краткосрочни приложения с високо качество на печата!
Етикети от самозалепваща бяла термо хартия - за печат директно върху печатния материал.
При термодиректен печат не е необходима термотрансферна лента!

За по-големи количества, предлагаме по-големи отстъпки!
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За печат с термодиректни принтери: Argox, Datecs, Zebra, Citizen, Toshiba, Honeywell-Datamax O'Neil, CAB, Tharo, Sato и др.

 Видео: Печат с Термодиректен Принтер

Етикети за търговия на едро и дребно, Хранително-вкусова промишленност, Търговия, Логистика, Транспорт, Фармация, Систематизиране на информация и др. 

Съвместими със следните термодиректни етикетни принтери:

Sato CL4XXe
Sato LM40e
Sato LM412e
Intermac PM43
Intermac PD42
Intermac PM4i RFID
Intermac Easycoder PM4D
Intermac PX4i
Intermac PD41
Citizen CLP6002
Citizen CLP7201
Citizen CLP7202
Citizen CL-S621
Citizen CL-s631
Citizen CL-S700
Citizen CL-S703
TSC TTP-2410 Plus
TSC ME-240
Toshiba TEC B472
Toshiba TEC B482
Toshiba TEC B572
Toshiba B-EX4T1
Toshiba B-SA4TM
Toshiba B-EX4T2
Toshiba TEC B-SX600
Toshiba TEC B-SX6
Toshiba TEC B-SX8
Toshiba TEC-B-EX4D2
Toshiba TEC B-SX4
Toshiba TEC B-SX5
Zebra 110Xi4
Zebra 105SL Plus
Zebra 140Xi4
Zebra 160S
Zebra 170Xi4 Plus
Zebra 220Xi4
Zebra RZ400
Zebra RZ600
Zebra S600
Zebra 105SE
Zebra 105SL
Zebra zm400
Zebra zm600
Zebra S600
Zebra Z6000
Zebra Z4000
Zebra ZT220
Zebra ZT230
Zebra Z6M
Zebra S4M
Zebra ZT220
Datamax I-Class 4210 II
Datamax M-4206 MKII
Datamax I-4212E
Datamax I-4208
Printtronix T5204R
Printtronix T5304R
Printtronix T4M
Printtronix T2N

Plus many more. Call Easy Label Bulgaria on 02/ 477 92 99 for friendly help & advice.

Why buy 101.6mm x 152.4mm Direct Thermal Labels ( 900 Labels) 76 mm core?

900 (101.6mm x 152.4mm) White direct thermal labels produced on the best thermal paper material available. Supplied with a high quality permanent adhesive. 1 rolls of 900 Labels per roll. Supplied on a 76mm core, other core sizes available call us for details.

Use these direct thermal labels to print directly from your thermal transfer printer without the need to use a ribbon & still produce a high quality thermal print. Ideal for shipping labels, box end descriptions & address labels.

Difference Between Thermal and Direct Thermal Printing

With the recent addition of Direct Thermal (DT) and Thermal Transfer (TT) materials to our product line, you may have questions as to which type of printer is most suitable for your specific application. The information provided within this article should provide a basic understanding of the functionality behind printing technologies for both thermal roll label materials.

Direct Thermal Labels
Direct Thermal printers don't require ink, toner or ribbon.
Great for bar code applications such as shipping labels, receipt labels, and nametag labels

   Direct Thermal printers utilize a chemically treated material that blackens when the thermal print-head applies heat to the surface of the material. This type of printer requires no ink, toner, or ribbon to apply print to the label surface. Direct thermal printers are not able to print in color.
   The printed area from a Direct Thermal printer can potentially fade over time. If the label is exposed to excessive light or heat the material will darken to the point that text may become unreadable and barcodes may lose their ability to be scanned. For this reason, Direct Thermal printing cannot be recommended for "lifetime" applications. While the readability of labels printed with Direct Thermal printing can vary greatly depending upon the environment that the labels are used in, the printing technology still provides enough of a lifespan for common bar code applications such as shipping labels, receipt labels, and nametag labels.

Thermal Transfer Labels
Some Thermal Transfer printers can print in color.
Its durable material makes for great long term use.

    Thermal Transfer printers, on the other hand, do require a ribbon to apply print to the label surface. A thermal print-head applies heat to the ribbon, which in turn melts ink on to the label surface to create the printed image. The ink is absorbed into the label material. Thermal Transfer printing provides a very high print quality and durability when compared to other types of printing technologies. Another advantage to thermal transfer printers is the ability to print a logo, graphic or text in color using a higher-end printer.
    Thermal Transfer printers have the ability to accept a wider variety of material types than their Direct Thermal counterparts. While we currently only provide paper based label material for Thermal Transfer printing, these types of printers can also print on polyester and polypropylene materials.
  Because environmental factors will not alter the print quality when using a Thermal Transfer printer, this type of technology is known to create an incredibly durable printed area that can withstand extreme temperatures and contact with chemicals. The most commonly used applications for Thermal Transfer printing include product identification, inventory and asset labeling, as well as bar code labels that need to last longer than six months.
   The type of printer that you require will ultimately depend upon the nature of your application. To decide between direct thermal or thermal transfer printing, consider all associated costs of maintenance as well as the lifespan needed for your labels. For example, if your printing application requires color, more durability and a longer lifespan than the obvious choice would be a thermal transfer printer. If you decide not to incur the additional expense or hassle of ribbons and need a short-term label application, than Direct Thermal may be the best available option.

The differtent adhesives

On our website you can find a choice of labels with different types of adhesives. These adhesives have different properties and user options.

Our range of labels is available with two types of adhesives. Permanent adhesive and removable adhesive. In turn, permanent adhesive can be subdivided into TOP and ECO. The adhesives are explained below.

Permanent adhesive (TOP Permanent & ECO Permanent):
Permanent adhesive is acrylic based, as well as water based. The advantage, but also the disadvantage, is that the label cannot be removed in its entirety once it has been stuck on to something. The label tears when attempting to remove it.

Just to complicate things, there are two types of permanent adhesive. TOP permanent (also referred to as Permanent) and ECO permanent. ECO stands for economically justifiable, the cheapest option, and hence ECO permanent adhesive is less adhesive than TOP permanent. Moreover, ECO permanent does not have an extra protective layer for uv light, moisture, fats and alcohol whilst TOP permanent does. TOP permanent also has a longer life span than ECO permanent.

Removable adhesive (TOP Removable):
Removable adhesive is a composition of acrylics combined with hot melt. The advantage of TOP Removable (also referred to as Removable) is that the label can be removed easily without leaving adhesive remnants on the surface underneath. Consequently, removable adhesive is often used for bottles that need to be recycled. Mainly because great savings can be made in the bottle cleaning process. Moreover, removable adhesive is extremely suitable for book covers, CD’s/DVD’s and files.

If the difference between permanent and removable is not clear, or if you would like to know more about TOP- and/or ECO permanents, please call or mail one of our colleagues and ask for the use-options regarding the various types of adhesives.


Приложения: Логистични/Транспортни етикети
Начин на печат: Термодиректен печат
Брой етикети в ролка: 900
Брой етикети на ред: 1
Размер етикети (ширина х височина): 100mm x 150mm
101.6mm x 152.4mm
102mm x 150mm
102mm x 152mm
Размер етикети на ролка в инчове: 4" x 6" (101.6mm x 152.4mm)
Вид/Материал етикети: Термодиректна самозалепваща хартия Thermal Eco, Перманентно лепило
Диаметър шпула: 76mm (3")
Цвят етикет: Бял
Външен диаметър на ролката: 175mm
Черна марка (Репер): БЕЗ - Не (Няма)
Перфорация между етикетите: БЕЗ - Не (Няма)
Перфорация вътре в етикетите: БЕЗ - Не (Няма)
Форма/Вид на етикета: Правоъгълни
Поле за лесно отлепване: СЪС - Да (Има)
Вид лепило: Перманентно/Постоянно


Бяла непрекъсната хартиена лента Brother DK-22205, 62mm x 30.48m

Бяла непрекъсната хартиена лента Brother DK-22205, 62mm x 30.48m

Цена без ДДС: 11.90лв.
Цена с ДДС: 14.28лв.
Бяла непрекъсната хартиена лента Brother DK-22243, 102mm x 30.48m

Бяла непрекъсната хартиена лента Brother DK-22243, 102mm x 30.48m

Цена без ДДС: 15.82лв.
Цена с ДДС: 18.98лв.