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Easylabel 6 label software - Silver

Софтуер за баркод етикетиране и идентификация на продукти

За дизайн на етикети, включително текст, баркодове и лога. Няма ограничение за броя на дизайните, които можете да създадете. Максимум 25 полета (Редове с текст / Лого / Баркодове) на етикета.

Easylabel Silver features a "Stage Multiple Print Jobs in Print Queue" which allows you to freeze, restore, remove any non-printing job in the queue. You can also change the priority of the non-printing jobs, moving the critical jobs to the top of the queue so they get printed first.

Design labels including text, barcodes and logos. There is no limit to the number of designs you can create. Maximum of 25 fields (lines of text/logos/barcodes) per label. With Easylabel Silver you can also password protect your designs, increment and decrement numbers automatically, include paragraphs, print date and time, view and manipulate the print queue and even control multiple printers simultaneously. In addition Easylabel Silver can be used to download label designs to stand alone printers. Easylabel silver supports awide range of barcodes including: GS1/EAN 128, EAN 13, EAN8, ITF 14, CODE 39, UPCA, UPCE, Codabar.

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Easylabel 6.1 label software - Silver

Easylabel is the easiest to use barcode and RFID label software available on the market today. Easylabel 6 includes every method of making label design and printing easy, fast and accurate. You don’t have to be computer literate to fulfill complex labeling requirements. Easylabel 6 incorporates an RFID Wizard and an EAN/UCC-128 Wizard to help meet all of your current and future label design requirements.


Some of the features that you will find in this version are:


Advanced Programing and Automation

  •  Memory Card Download: Allows the user to download and print label formats without the printer being connected to a PC.


Format Editing

  • Support of 40 types of Graphics: Such as PCX, PCC, EPS, WMF, BMP, and TIF.

  • Time as Field Data: Use the current Time as a source of field data.

  • Edit Order of User-input Prompts: Customize the order in which you wish to prompt to appear on the operator input.

  • Custom Text Formatting: Can be used to suppress or print variable data to represent how the data will be formatted. Other valid characters for the string include, parenthesis, periods, commas, hyphens and the space character. Useful in complying with customer defined bar code human readable spacing.

  • Consecutive Numbering Text & Bar Codes: A number will be added to the field value for each format printed in a set or for each new batch. This option is typically used in applications that require a unique number such as a serial number on each format or batch of formats. Numeric, alphabetic, alphanumeric, hexadecimal, octal and custom formats are available.

  • Selectable Check Digits: Such as Mod 7, Mod 9, Mod 11, Mod 36, ABC Codabar, Mod 16, Mod 7 DSR or Weighted Mod 10 (2-1-2).

  • Maximum number of fields on a format: 25.

  • Support Paragraphs Fields: Provides the ability to have text fields that contain more than one line.



  • Print Queue: Gives you the ability to manage over 200 print jobs and save time.

  • Stage Multiple Print Jobs in Print Queue: Allows you to freeze, restore, remove any non-printing job in the queue. You can also change the priority of the non-printing jobs, moving the critical jobs to the top of the queue so they get printed first.

  • Enable/Disable Printing of Specific Fields: Fields can be set to always print, never print, or print based on the value of another field.

  • Pass-through Function: Allows you to specify data that should be sent to the printer before the label format is sent.

  • Support for Windows Print Drivers: Allows you to print to your Windows Printers.

  • Print to Multiple Printers from one PC: Control up to 255 printers from one PC.

  • Print Colour Text and Graphics on Colour Printers: Allows you to print in colour on your colour printer.



  • Password Security: By assigning user names and passwords, you can gain greater control and security to restrict the accessibility to certain menu options, such as format, editing and database manipulation.

  • Time and Date Functions: No time or data offsets.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.
  • 32MB RAM or more.
  • 25-50MB of free disk space (depending on which components are installed)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher)

Printers supported include

Easylabel 5 supports over 200 thermal/thermal transfer printers including: Avery Dennis10on • C.Itoh • Cab • Citizen • Datamax • Intermec • Novexx • Printronix • RJS • Sato • Synergystex • TEC • Tharo • TSC • Zebra.

Supported Languages

Catalan • Chinese (PRC) • Chinese (Taiwan) • Czech • Dutch • English • French • German • Hungarian • Italian • Japanese • Polish • Russian • Spanish