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Zebra ZD220t Настолен термотрансферен принтер

The Zebra ZD220 is a simple printer with basic functions for an affordable price. The ZD220 has a USB interface and is easy to install. The Zebra ZD220 comes standard with the quality and reliability that you can expect from Zebra. Optionally, the ZD220 is also available with a dispenser option.

The thermal transfer (TT) version of the ZD220 is suitable for both thermal labels and for normal paper labels that have to be printed with a printer ribbon. This makes this ZD220 ideal for use in office and retail application and also for use in transport and logistics.

  • Thermal Transfer Label Printer (ink ribbon required)
  • Also prints Direct Thermal labels (no ink ribbon required)
  • Easy to use software included
  • USB Interface
  • Prints labels up to 108mm wide and 991mm in length
  • USB cable included

Оценка: Оценка: 10
  • Марка:
  • Код: ZD22042-T1EG00EZ
  • Тегло: 2.500 кг
Цена без ДДС: 599.99лв.
Цена с ДДС: 719.99лв.

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What Zebra say about the ZD220t:

Don’t sacrifice quality for affordability. Zebra’s ZD200 Series desktop printers give you more. Zebra-quality engineering, reliable operation and basic features at an affordable price—both at the point of purchase and across the entire lifecycle. These printers boast dual-wall construction and all-metal printheads — components not often found in a basic printer. With an industry best out-of-box experience, they are simple to install and begin printing. Key features include USB connectivity for universal interoperability, along with a single LED status indicator and single button for feed/pause for easy operation. Backed by Zebra’s trusted network of more than 10,000 partners, support is available anywhere around the globe. And, they’re ENERGY STAR® qualified to reduce operational expenses. Built to last for years, ZD200 Series printers provide an outstanding return on investment.

In our opinion:

The Zebra ZD220T is an entry direct thermal label printer.  The clam shell design makes it easy to load labels and clean the label path.

The printer does not print as fast as more expensive models but 102mm per second is still a fast enough print speed for most applications.

Smaller 74 metre ink ribbons wound onto 12.5mm cores cores are used in this model like the GC series it replaces.

This model only has USB connectivity and LAN, WiFi or serial connectivity is not available as an option.  No user-installable aptions are available for this printer.

A good feature is the user-replacable printhead and platen roller.  This minimises downtime and meand there is no need for engineer visits or return to base type repairs.

If you need an inexpensive thermal transfer label printer that will give years of trouble-free use then you will not go wrong with the ZD220T. The supplied software can easily produce text, barcodes, lines and graphics and is very easy to set up and use.

Please note: There is no Mac driver available for this printer - Only a Microsoft Windows driver.

Available for immediate delivery.

Файл Информация
EasyLabel Bulgaria_Barcode_Printer_Zebra ZD220 [PDF, 240.95 KB]

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