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Индустриален принтер за печат на етикети THARO H - 634, 6"

  • Марка:
  • Код: THARO H - 634
  • Тегло: 16.600 кг
Цена без ДДС: 4,665.84лв.
Цена с ДДС: 5,599.01лв.

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                                                  Принтери THARO от серията H-400 and H-600E
                                                                           POWER, PRECISION, PRICE

H-400 thermal transfer printer The new THARO H-400/H-600E Series printers have an elegant design, are extremely compact and are robust enough for commercial use. They feature a durable, all metal construction with a cast Aluminum center wall and a large media window for easy viewing and monitoring of supplies. Now available in 4 inch (H-400) or 6 inch (H-600E) print widths! High quality output in your choice of 203 (H-427 and H-626E) or 300 (H-436 and H-634E)DPI. Print in 203 or 300 dpi resolution with the same H-400/H-600E Series printer. Simply install a 203 dpi Printhead or a 300 dpi Printhead without using tools or making configuration changes. The standard Stripper Sensor on the H-400 Series senses printed labels in either peel and present or tear-off applications. The H-400/H-600E Series printers are extremely versatile. No PC is necessary. Download your label formats to the Printer’s Flash Memory (or a CompactFlash Card), unplug the printer from the PC, plug in a standard PC keyboard, and take the printer to another location. The H-400/H-600E Series printers are extremely easy to install options, accessories and to service. The H-400/H-600E Series printers feature a 450m (1476’) ribbon capacity and a full 203mm (8”) O.D. label roll capacity making them suitable for large volume printing requirements. The H-400/H-600E Series printers are designed to accept ribbon types of both ink inside and ink outside, providing more flexibility in ribbon selection. The H-400/H-600E Series printers feature a Standard Real-Time Clock for time and date stamping of labels. The H-400/H-600E Series printers have multiple interfaces for every application. Blazing fast USB 2.0 is standard on the H-400/H-600E Series printers for high-speed data transfer. Parallel and RS232 Serial are also included, or use the optional Ethernet Adaptor to print to your H-400/H-600 from anywhere in the world! Print from Windows, UNIX, Linux or Mac! CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) Drivers and Windows Drivers are included on the Printer’s Accessory CD.

Марка: THARO
Начин на печат: Термотрансферен печат / Термодиректен печат
Резолюция: 300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
Ширина на етикета: До 178mm
Ширина на печат: 50.8mm (2”) ~ 168mm (6.61”)
Дължина на печат: 13mm (0.51”) ~ 2997.2mm (118”)
Скорост на печат: 50.8mm (2”) ~ 152.4mm (6”)/sec
Интерфейс: RS-232 Serial (Baud rate 4800 ~ 115200, XON/XOFF, D SR/DTR) USB(2.0) CompactFlash card slot Parallel PS/2 Keyboard Port
Сензор: Moveable transmissive sensor and reflective sensor; left aligned,
Label gap and black mark sensing Detection: Label length auto sensing and/or program command setting
Фонтове (Шрифтове): 11 resident alphanumeric fonts (including OCR A & B), are expandable eight times horizontally and vetically. Scalable Font (Code Page 850 & 852)
Downloadable Fonts: Windows Bit-map fonts, TrueType fonts and Asian fonts
Баркодове: Code 39, Code 93, Code 128 (subsets A, B, C), UCC/EAN-128 (GS1-128), UPC-A (GTIN-12), UPC-E, UPC and EAN 2 or 5 digit extensions, I 2 of 5, EAN-8, EAN-13, Codabar, Postnet, DUN 14, MaxiCode, Plessey, Telepen, FIM, China Postal Code, RPS 128, PDF417, Data
UPC-E, UPC and EAN 2 or 5 digit extensions, I 2 of 5, EAN-8, EAN-13, Codabar, Postnet, DUN 14, MaxiCode, Plessey, Telepen, FIM, China Postal Code, RPS 128, PDF417, Data Matrix & QR Code
Графики: BMP and PCX
Софтуер: EASY LABEL ® Start Microsoft Windows Drivers, CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) Driver
Медия: Label Roll: Max. 203mm (8.0”) Core Diameter: 38.1mm (1.5”) ~ 76.2mm (3”) Width: 50.8mm (2”) ~ 178.00mm (7”) Thickness: 0.06mm (0.002”) ~ 0.25mm (0.009”)
Термотрансферни ленти: Length: 450m (1471') Type: Ink inside or ink outside thermal transfer ribbons (wax, resin and wax/resin) in widths of 30 to 110mm (1.18" to 4.33"). Core inner diameter 25.4mm (1"). Maximum ribbon roll diameter 76mm (2.99").
Размери : Дължина: 516mm (20.31”) Височина: 285mm (11.22”) Широчина: 345mm (13.58”) Тегло: около 16.6kg (36.6lbs)
Опции: Heavy-Duty Cutter Internal Rewind with Stripper Sensor Wired Ethernet Interface or Wireless Ethernet Inter face Applicator Interface PA2000 Applicator EASY LABEL Silver, Gold, Platinum or Multi-User
Производител/Страна на произход: Tharo Systems, Inc., (САЩ)