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Множество шрифтове

What's your style? With DYMO, you don't need just one, because our labelmakers adapt to your personality, each particular message and your mood. Our models have purposeful features and benefits, as well as a full range of printing fonts to help you express yourself - at home, in the office, shop or warehouse.
For Those Times When "Times" and "Helvetica" Just Won't Do

Just because other manufacturers think labels need to look boring, you don't. Select from a wide array of DYMO products that produce the widest array of fonts and font sizes. This way, you can differentiate your labels from all others.



LabelManager 160 – features 1 font type and 6 font sizes

LabelManager 260P – features 3 font type and 8 font sizes

LabelManager 420P – features 8 font type and 7 font sizes *

LabelManager 210D – features 1 font type and 6 font sizes

LabelManager 360D – features 3 font type and 7 font sizes

LabelManager 500TS – features 10 font type and 25 font sizes *

LabelManager PnP – Unlimited when connected to PC/Mac

* PC/Mac compatible machines have unlimited fonts, font sizes, text styles, symbols and clip art when connected to PC/Mac.

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