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                                 Heat and humidity can play havoc with average labels. Fortunately, DYMO labels and the tools that print them perform at the top of their class. Fact is, their features have been developed to "laugh" at the elements - so labels won't shrink, fade, or drop to the floor - from the heat, solvents, chemicals and moisture you can encounter at the jobsite - even if it's your kitchen.

Why Take the Heat? Let Your Labels Do It

DYMO technology assures that your labels will stand tough. Whether heat, humidity or both try to disrupt your mission of organization. With DYMO, our labels perform when the heat is on. Dymo D1 tapes are temperature resistant and withstand temperatures from -18 to 90 degrees C.

D1 Tape

D1 labels come in a single cassette that contains both the tape and ink, and they automatically load when inserted into your LabelManager. The labels are available in 5 different widths and 10 colour combinations, and each cassette contains 7 metres of label tape.

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