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If drops of water or high humidity can ruin a day's worth of labeling, you're using the wrong tool and the wrong labels. That's why you'll want a tool below that's "DYMO-designated" for wet and moist conditions. This way, the labels you print and affix will resist moisture long after you've left the scene.

Don't Sweat It - DYMO Labels Can Handle Moisture

We know your world is not always a dry one. That's why our labels are ready for a drop here or there - or when high humidity would otherwise reduce other people’s labels to floor decorations. Dymo D1 tapes are water resistant and withstand water, oils, greases and mild solvents.

D1 Tape

D1 labels come in a single cassette that contains both the tape and ink, and they automatically load when inserted into your LabelManager. The labels are available in 5 different widths and 10 colour combinations, and each cassette contains 7 metres of label tape.


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