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Устойчиви на UV лъчи

UV Resistant
We know your labeling isn't always sheltered, so we've pioneered technology that acts like a "protective shield" over it. This way, your labels won't fade, shrink or dry up and lose their stickiness. Depend on the products below for labels that stand up to UV rays and more. Remember: the toughest labeling tools and labels under the sun have been designed and manufactured by DYMO.

When The Sun Shines on Your Labels, Smile Back

Are our labels more powerful than the sun? Absolutely not. But we've perfected label technology that prevents them from fading, shrinking or dropping to the floor. Dymo D1 labels are UV resistant and withstand exposure to sunlight without fading or peeling.

D1 Tape

D1 labels come in a single cassette that contains both the tape and ink, and they automatically load when inserted into your LabelManager. The labels are available in 5 different widths and 10 colour combinations, and each cassette contains 7 metres of label tape.

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