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Трайно маркиране

When we say "permanent," we mean the labels you print will be readable long after you leave a job and move on. With unique thermal transfer printing technology, the tools below offer unparalleled printing longevity. And with superior DYMO label materials, they'll endure the elements - ensuring the professional results on which your reputation depends.

For Labels That Remain Long After You've Printed Them

The most effective labelling is the kind that gives you performance over the long term. One that doesn't require you to keep checking for hanging, lost or fallen labels. DYMO gives you labels you can count on.

D1 Tape

D1 labels come in a single cassette that contains both the tape and ink, and they automatically load when inserted into your LabelManager. The labels are available in 5 different widths and 10 colour combinations, and each cassette contains 7 metres of label

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  • Код: Permanent Marking
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