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Removable - Отстраними, Сменяеми

Sure, you want your labels to stay put, but you also want to be able to remove them, when the time comes. That's where DYMO flexibility is so helpful. Our space-age adhesives assure that your labels resist heat, moisture, chemicals and solvents to remain in place. On the flip side, our easy-to-peel, split-back labels are easy to remove, as well, should you want to re-designate a folder, shelf, food item or carton.

Change Your Minda, Change a Label - It's That Easy

In many situations, you’ll need to move, switch or discard one of the labels you’ve affixed. Dymo D1 labels are removable, and labels can be removed without leaving adhesive residue. The split-backing tape means new labels are easy to peel and apply.

D1 Tape

D1 labels come in a single cassette that contains both the tape and ink, and they automatically load when inserted into your LabelManager. The labels are available in 5 different widths and 10 colour combinations, and each cassette contains 7 metres of label tape.

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