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За маркиране на дрехи

Socks, boots, gloves, hats, jackets, scarves, backpacks, bathing suits, towel...the list goes on. You'll find countless reasons to label your kids' stuff, as well as yours. With a DYMO LetraTAG in your hand, you'll be a labeling machine ready to bang out cloth labels that you simply iron and peel.

Print It, Iron It - Be Done With It

Put down those needles. Now, you can apply clear, attractive labels to garments and all sorts of textiles without sewing. Just print the label and iron it directly into the fabric and peel. It's another example of DYMO technology that makes your life easier.

LetraTag Iron-on Tape

With the newest fabric iron-on tape, you can label your children's clothing, towels and sports equipment - simply print, peel and iron directly onto fabrics.


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