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Pricing that's fast, easy and accurate

Accurate, fast, easy. Three things you can't live without, whether you're pricing widgets or watermelons. And DYMO labelmakers deliver on all three counts.
Need a fast, dependable way to put the right price on hundreds of products, day after day? These DYMO solutions are easy to afford, load and handle. And with their advanced functionality, you won't need to repeat unnecessary keying steps. When it’s fast and easy to apply, you know the pricing is right!

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Here are 2 recommended pricing solutions − each one has its particular strengths and characteristics:

LabelManager 160

Pick up a portable, affordable DYMO LabelManager 160 label maker – and start making your mark on the world! Just type your text, format it with one-touch Smart Keys and print – it’s that easy to create professional-looking labels in and around the office. Suited for portable users who need to label CD/DVD cases, USB sticks and external hard drives.
LabelManager 260P

Powered by a lithium-ion battery so you have labelling power whenever you need it. Get the results you want faster and easier than ever, thanks to new features inspired by consumers. Suited for portable users who create signage up to 12mm wide.