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Винаги се прави добро впечатление с професионални баджове

Our advanced time-expiring technology combines with the unique functionality of computer-compatible label printers to output name badge labels with advanced security. Over a period of 12 hours, it becomes apparent that a visitor may have overstayed his or her welcome.

Let Your Visitors Promote Your Technology

First impressions make big impressions. And the manner in which you greet visitors tells them a lot about your professionalism. That's why DYMO's advanced printing technology for name badges is so popular. It keeps companies aware of who's around. It also puts your organization in advanced company.

Съвместими Dymo S0929100 Appointment / Name Badge Cards 51x89mm, картон

Съвместими Dymo S0929110 Large Name Badge Cards 62x106mm, картон

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Here are the 2 recommended name badge:
LabelWriter 450

Our most affordable label printer, the LabelWriter 450 is a fast, high-resolution label printer with a sleek, compact design that fits in any modern workplace. It comes with easy-to-use DYMO Label Software, integrates directly with Microsoft Word and Outlook, and works with all other software through standard print drivers.
LabelWriter 450 Turbo

LabelWriter 450 Turbo is the most versatile label printer for any office environment. Uses a range of 16 standard label sizes up to 62mm wide, including address, shipping, filing, media, name badge, and multipurpose labels. Eliminates the hassle of printing sheet labels through a desktop printer, and prints up to 71 labels per minute (4-Line address label.).