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Address the Need for Productivity and Job Satisfaction

To increase your productivity and spread the workload throughout your office, we offer a line of labelmakers compatible with popular reception desk software. Just highlight an address, click the DYMO icon and each label prints in seconds.

Keeping "reception" people productive is simple: arm them with a powerful, computer-compatible labelling tool. One that increases their sense of value and makes them as efficient as your mailroom.

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Here are 3 recommended mailing solutions - each one has its particular strengths.
LabelWriter 450

Our most affordable label printer, the LabelWriter 450 is a fast, high-resolution label printer with a sleek, compact design that fits in any modern workplace. It comes with easy-to-use DYMO Label Software, integrates directly with Microsoft Word and Outlook, and works with all other software through standard print drivers.
LabelWriter 450 Turbo

LabelWriter 450 Turbo is the most versatile label printer for any office environment. Uses a range of 16 standard label sizes up to 62mm wide, including address, shipping, filing, media, name badge, and multipurpose labels. Eliminates the hassle of printing sheet labels through a desktop printer, and prints up to 71 labels per minute (4-Line address label.).
LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo

Increase productivity by having two rolls of labels to print at all times— perfect for printing address labels without swapping rolls. Print labels from within Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook, Mac Address Book, QuickBooks and other programs.