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Empower Your Receptionist to Print Signs of Success

To help your receptionist keep things moving, we offer an array of labelling solutions with or without computer compatibility that produce labels up to 24mm wide.

Printing signage for your reception area is simple: just outfit your receptionist with a powerful DYMO labeling tool. Free-standing or working in concert with a computer, these labelmakers make fast work of signage with extended memories for saving previously-printed labels and features like horizontal and vertical printing. DYMO makes it easy to make your reception area as productive as the rest of your enterprise.

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LabelManager 210D

With such a smart user interface, this compact desktop label maker belongs on every desk. So versatile, it not only provides a logical labelling flow, it handles all sorts of labelling tasks professionally and quickly. Prints up to 12mm tape widths. Suited for desktop users who need to create labels up to 12mm wide.
LabelManager 360D

Powered by a lithium-ion battery so you have labelling power whenever you need it. Get the results you want faster and easier than ever, thanks to new features inspired by consumers. Suited for desktop users who want rechargeable batteries and need to create labels up to 19mm wide.
LabelManager 500TS

The first touch screen label maker from DYMO. Name anything you ever wanted to do with a label maker - the revolutionary DYMO Touch Screen™ label maker lets you do it with ease! Edit, format, and customise labels with a touch of your fingertip. Connect to your PC or Mac and use DYMO Label software to customise your labels with fonts or graphics—even download your labels for editing and printing on the go. Suited for both portable and desktop users who want rechargeable batteries, PC-connectivity and need to create labels up to 24mm wide.
LabelManager PnP

Just plug, type and print –it’s that easy! Finally, printing a label is fast and easy! With the LabelManager PnP label maker there’s no software to install – just plug it into your PC or Mac, and you’re ready to create great-looking labels as fast as you can type! Plus you can customise your labels using the fonts and graphics on your computer. Suited for desktop users who want PC-connectivity and need to create labels up to 12mm wide.